Seventeen years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom with two young kids. I loved my role as a mom, but I wanted to challenge myself and channel what I loved about motherhood into something bigger. I wasn’t sure what that meant or what direction to take, but it set something within me into motion. I started taking long walks and turned driving time into brainstorm sessions. I spent eight years envisioning a fashion brand for moms—dreaming, learning, planning and wondering if a former third grade teacher could make it real. Ultimately, belief in myself trumped my lack of experience, and in 2004 my husband and I opened our first store in Edina, Minnesota.

There were so many unknowns ahead, but each morning I stepped into a great pair of heels and walked forward despite sometimes feeling unsteady. Along the way, you’ve felt our genuine desire to lift moms up and we’ve grown to more than 80 stores across the country. I get it. When you give so much to your family, just getting dressed can be a big win. As the fashion authority for moms, Evereve strives to empower you every day to pull on the jeans that make you look amazing and take a step forward, wherever you’re going. Our buyers carefully curate a constantly evolving assortment to inspire (and dare!) you, and our stylists are experts in creating looks that work overtime for your full schedule. Finding just what you need is easy when you can get the latest and greatest delivered with Trends end, shop online anytime or pop into your neighborhood store.

We’re cheering for you as you balance playdates and date nights, work and weekends, the daily routine and your dreams. You got this. With Heart,

Megan Tamte



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